Following its mantra "save waste from waste",  Carmina Campus sources industrial materials that are commonly considered as waste but inspire its collections. In the hands of highly skilled Italian  artisans they acquire a daring new life as part of a design object.

Materials collected may be end-of-lines, vintage, unused or defective materials that do not comply with quality production standards and also industrial waste, scraps and off-cuts of whatever kind  that are turned into cutting-edge bags, jewels or furniture. 

Bags are numbered and the materials used are listed on a tag. Being individually unique pieces, no two items are ever alike as  to material and composition. Over time, an incredible number and variety of materials could find a new utilisation prolonging its life.

The list includes, among many others, aluminium cans, that inspired an entire line called Space Waste.  Bottom cans are decors on various bag lines and bracelets. Pull tabs become  rings, earrings and necklaces.

The leather and fur used for the bags always come from Italian manufacturers' colour sample swatches or from remnants of the RTW or glove industry. Swatches are usually employed leaving their number or name codes visible.

Carmina Campus collections are not necessarily seasonal, but rather developed from a given repurposed material or a special feature. The same style can have numerous versions or evolve from one collection to the other with new looks given by different materials and assemblages.

Interior designs are also one-of-a-kind and conceived as artistic works. Chairs, tables, lamps are all special pieces in which the original function of materials is reinterpreted to create something completely new.

The brand collaborates with private corporations or public institutions, ngos and also individuals that have an innovative view regarding the development of ethical and sustainable projects. Partnerships have been established for co-branded projects with Campari, Mini-BMW and Vibram just to name few.

After a long collaboration in Africa with the UN agency International Trade Centre, Carmina Campus is now a partner of Socially MadeinItaly, a group of social work institutions that operate within Italian prisons for re-habilitation working programmes, implemented under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Justice.