The materials of this collection are supplied by a based-in-Italy group of African refugees that joined REFUGEE ScArt, a humanitarian project founded by the Spiral Foundation Onlus (under the sponsorship of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR Office South Europe).

Plastic sheets produced by REFUGEE ScArt workers from shopping bags, paper and discarded packagings are the main feature of this line. Since the mix is always different, the colour combinations and design patterns are never exactly the same.

Leather for handles, pockets and trimming is repurposed or sourced from colour sample swatches reclaimed from Italian manufactuters. Beverage can bottoms decorate many styles.The striped or dotted effects are also enriched by other materials like paper scraps that become part of the sheets' texture.

The REFUGEE ScArt project generates micro-incomes for the refugees helping them to emerge from isolation and be perceived no longer as a burden for society but rather as positive contributors to the common good. A collection with a double addded value.