collections are not seasonal, instead bags are grouped according to a common   material   or   concept

and  new   editions   of   styles    are

Carmina Campus is the brand founded in 2006 by Ilaria Venturini Fendi creating handbags, jewels and furniture out of reused materials. It is a project of sustainable creativity  proposing small but effective solutions to cope with the present crises,  in the belief that it cannot be successfully dealt  with without considering its threefold aspect, economical, social and environmental.

Ilaria’s know-how comes from her background as designer of high quality accessories, which has proved to be an added-value to the Carmina Campus production, mostly made of numbered one-of-a-kind pieces. Reused raw materials make the peculiarity of these products made precious by premium craftsmanship. The time required to manufacture goods is reported on individual tags that also provide a detailed list  of  materials used.  Working only with

already-existing materials either living their second life or unused but out of production/consumption cycles makes the Carmina Campus’ philosophy and is the result of Ilaria’s shift towards a sustainable creative project endowed with different  values.  Carmina  Campus

re-designed employing different materials. Many bags are thought to address specific topics such as pollution from cars and airplanes,water wastage, refused waste. Years ago Carmina Campus started some socially useful projects and since 2009 began its collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Programme of ITC (International Trade Centre, a joint UN and WTO agency that addresses poverty through trade-driven projects).Semi-finished panels have been used for bags manufactured in Italy, while since the last season with the support of  the training processes provided by some Italian artisans who collaborate with Carmina Campus,   a small collection 100% made in Africa has been launched and NOT CHARITY, JUST WORK  is the result of this collaboration.